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Summary Native database for the J programming language
Category libraries
License GNU General Public License
Owner(s) bathala

jDatabase is an database system class designed to extend the J programming language.

J is a freely available general purpose programming language that runs of Windows, UNIX, Linux, Mac and the PocketPC handheld. It currently support data storage through ODBC or COM/OLE allowing it to support populate and not so popular database system (Oracle, SQL, mySQL, sqlLite, etc).

Hence, the jDatabase project is an endeavor to extend the current capabilities of the J language by creating a package/class to allow to manipulate its own structured storage system.

J Language

J is the natural evolution of APL and both are the brain-child of the late Dr. Kenneth Iverson. It is being maintained by JSoftware Inc. and it is freely available from their website.

To summarize, here is a quote from their website:

J is a very rich language. You could study and use it for years, and still consider yourself a beginner. The good news is that the essence of J is so simple and consistent, that you can quickly learn enough to start solving real and interesting problems.

J is particularly strong in the mathematical, statistical, and logical analysis of arrays of data. It is a powerful tool in building new and better solutions to old problems and even better at finding solutions where the problem is not already well understood.

J systems have:
� an integrated development environment
� standard libraries, utilities, and packages
� a form designer for your application forms
� an event-driven graphical user interface to your application
� interfaces with other programming languages and applications
� integrated 2d and 3d graphics
� memory mapped files for high performance data applications

If you are interested in programming solutions to challenging data processing problems, then the time you invest in learning J will be well spent.

Project Scope 

Although the system will be developed in Phases, the following features are expected in the end product:

  • In-memory database support
  • Full blown client-server support
  • Support for a subset of ANSI-SQL 92 functionality
  • A GUI based management module for accessing/manipulating data

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Copyright 2005 jDatabase Development Team. Released through BSD License.